While it is easy to go buy delicious food in many places, there is something about homemade food that makes it taste so delicious. This creation is chipotle mayo, blue cheese sauce, Indian ketchup, and banana ketchup. They were amazing sauces for the “fries” that we had.

We walked around Green Lake and were surprised to find lots of blackberries. I thought that with thousands of people wandering around the lake, they might have picked them clean. We found about 5 cups in an hour.

We found some really good bunches up in the trees. It was fun/scary/dangerous climbing trees sitting above the lake picking blackberries.

Sugar is a major component of any berry recipe. I made a chipotle blackberry sauce. There wasn’t as much sugar as the jam that we want to make next.

The stain that the berries create is kind of pretty. Especially when added to the colorful flowers that we have. I was so paranoid about everything turning purple that I ran hot water over everything as soon as possible. It turned out not to be such a big deal.

This is one half of the chipotle blackberry sauce. The other half is the berries and sugar.

Mixing the two halves together.

We had so many berries that we also made blackberry marshmallows with coconut on the outside.

For drinks, we had blackberry margaritas. We squeezed a lot (maybe 2 dozen) fresh limes instead of buying margarita mix, dropped thyme in the tequila, and blended fresh blackberries.

We ended the night with smores.

Revel in Fremont.

Some of the best Korean food that I have had is at Revel. It was great to sit outside and enjoy  food like short rib dumplings and bi bim bap.

So ono.

This will make me leave Greenwood again.

George’s Bakery

When summer hits, the crowds head for the hills. Hiking at Mt. Si, kayaking the Snoqualmie, swimming at Rattlesnake Lake, or rock climbing all occur near North Bend, Washington. Just a half an hour outside of Seattle, it is very accesible and offers lots of outdoor fun. If you find yourself here, please, please, please do yourself a favor and stop by George’s Bakery. The pastries are lightly, fluffy, and absolutely amazing. We have been stopping by here every week as we teach Fly Fishing 201 for Orvis. I think that it helps to catch fish as well!


Happiness is a warm crepe.


As we explore Greenwood, we find places that make us love this neighborhood more and more. Carmelita is one of those reasons. We headed out for happy hour one Friday evening and wandered into Carmelita. We found a couple of spaces at the bar immediately ordered a couple habañero margaritas. Now I must admit that I don’t think that were as good as the margs from Stumbling Goat, but I will be back to try them again just to make sure that I am not wrong.

Carmelita is a completely vegetarian restaurant and bar. As a meat eater, I really enjoyed myself. Tyrosalata, muhummarah, and brandade as a starter was fantastic.

Veggie pizza with things like nettle pesto?! Yes please.

Gin+ginger, Hendricks gin, Canton ginger cognac, lavender syrup, cucumber - yum!

Habanero margarita, Sauza Reposado Hornitos, Cointreau, habanero syrup, lime, smoked salt rim – I can go a few rounds!

We will absolutely be back to Carmelita. Especially when the patio opens this summer. We just need to keep trying all of these restaurants around our house before we find a favorite.


I was wandering around the grocery store when I saw milk in a glass bottle. There was a $1.95 refundable fee for using the glass bottle. Maybe it is just marketing, but they got me. It looks like thick creamy, local milk. And it is in a glass jar, so it must be better than the stuff in plastic jugs, right?


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